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Price: $96.00

Item #: SBF-1

IT’S FEEDING TIME - Now that the cold weather is here, it’s time to bring out your feeders and help your favorite wild birds make it through the winter. And don’t forget watering and suet! We got everything!

Text Box: Check out the feeder that customers ask for by name and call in for more orders… And you don’t need to refill day after day.

The Bouncer—Our Most Popular Large Tubular Feeder

Price: $30.99

Item: A-6F

The tubular feeder that started in all in 1969. A great way to get started.

The A-6— A Classic with a NEW Polished Pewter Finish

Price: $59.00

Item #: B-7F

If you’ve already tried the A-6 or are an experienced bird feeder, the B-7 is the feeder for you.

The B-7—For the serious bird feeder

Price: $37.99

Item #: TH-3

Text Box: The same qualities as both feeders above, but specifically designed to hold Nyjer seed. You may know it as thistle. Attracts finches to your feeding stations.

TH-3—Nyjer Seed Feeder

Price: $40.95

Item #: CJTHM36Y

If you enjoy watching finches, this is the feeder for you! Check out the details on this new feeder

Finch Flocker: 3 FEET OF FINCHES

Price: $50.99

Item #: LOG-2M/2T

Woodland Series Birch Log Feeders

Bird Feeders

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These very squirrel resistant feeders are an attractive addition to a wooded backyard.

Price: $63.00

Item #: WC4-300S

Our favorite line of platform feeders—built with Inland Red Cedar they weather beautifully and birds will love feeding out of these feeders

Large 4-sided Hopper

Price: $41.00

Item #: WC2-100S-S

Combining the best of both feeding worlds, this handy hopper includes 2 suet cages. Available in several sizes.

Small 2-Sided Suet

Price: From $17.50


There’s two sizes of one of our favorite suet feeders, one that can even be used by the beautiful Pileated Woodpecker

Woodpecker Suet Feeders

Price: $54.99

Item #: WCFT-200

A handsome platform feeder that accommodates larger birds nicely

Medium Fly-Through Platform

Price: From $25.00

Item #: see details

A great way to platform feed without a pole or mounts!

Medium & Small Hanging Trays w/collapsible steel rods

Price: From $17.99

Item #: See Details

Platform Feeders—Small—Medium

If you’re looking for flexibility there’s no need to look any further—take your pick on how you’d like to use them.