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Price: $279.98

Item #: 842HP

The Bird Place is now proud to offer the Audubon and Stokes Birding lines of binoculars, optics and scopes. If you have questions, just give us a call.

New for 2005, you won’t believe the quality of these binoculars. These now possess enhanced high performance lens coatings and an exclusive glare reduction system

Audubon 8 x 42 Equinox HP

Price: $35.98

Item #: XLT            

A MUST for those of you who watch your feeders or bird houses from the kitchen table or the living room.

6 x 16 Monocular

Price: $39.58

Item #: 4100

Whether you need a small pair for your trail jacket or would love to get your favorite child interested in bird watching these are the pair for you.

7 x 18 Mini Binoculars—A GREAT GIFT FOR KIDS!

Price: 155.98

Item #: VCT-842

A great binocular for the whole family to take on hiking trips or just sitting on the deck.

Audubon 8 x 42 Vector

Price: $210.98

Item #: TLN-842

The name says it all with these binoculars. From the Stokes who bring you great field guides they now bring you binoculars.

Stokes 8 x 42 Talon

Price: $155.98

Item #: 154560A

Whether you’re on a hiking trip or driving in your car and you spot something in the sky or in the distance, the Lightwave Spotting Scope is your best bet for great longer range spotting.

Audubon Lightwave 15-45x Scope

Optics for Bird Watching

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Price: $79.98

Item #: 5208

Great for those who want to carry their optics on the go. Trail hiking, skiing, kayaking—just pack with your gear or put them in a pocket and you are ready for some great watching!

Audubon 8 x 25 Compact