It really worked!

Today started off with a great phone call from customers that stopped by the store a few days ago.

They were getting ready to set up a new feeding station and were concerned about getting birds to start using the feeders. Their nearest neighbor is about a mile away and they are in the middle of the woods on over 20 acres. Would the birds even FIND their feeder? This can be an issue and many times it can take up to a couple of weeks for birds to find a new feeder.

That shouldn’t be a surprise - think of how many times you’ve seen a new restaurant open and how long it takes before you visit itl… on the condition that you even like the type of food the place is serving. Well, it’s no different for birds. First you have to put out food they like, and then wait for a passerby to try it and let everyone else know if it’s a good spot to eat.

Chickadees are usually the first at any feeder around here, especially if it has black oil sunflower seeds in it.  I know when we put up our first feeder here in Vermont, they were the first, and you can definitely hear a specific call they make to let their friends know they found a good spot.

Back to our customer. The question was if there was anything they could do to encourage birds to show up? As a new store owner you want to give good advice, and we do have a product called “DinnerSong” which is a cassette tape recording of the calls that Chicadees make when they find a new food source. I have heard this works, but not ever having to use something like this, I offered full disclosure and offered them the cassette.

I only asked that if it worked, that they give me a call so I could use them as a testimonial.

This morning I got the call. They had played the tape yesterday and nothing happened. They played it again this morning and within 30 minutes chickadees had appeared and already several other species have turned up. The customer couldn’t be happier and I’m thrilled to pass along the success.

If you’re thinking about started to feed wild birds, keep this tip in mind!

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  1. Mark said,

    January 13, 2006 @ 7:39 am

    I gotta tell you - I’ve been in the office very early the last several mornings, and as I’m drinking my coffee and eating my bagel I have begun reading your blogs to start my day. I’ve been wondering how and when to comment, and this one did it. I’m sure I’ll think of something that has profound meaning at some point, but this is not that day.

    But I do have one question for you: Does Dave Barry know about this tape? This has end-of-the-year Christmas Gift written all over it!

    Keep up the great blog, Ran. Isn’t it great to know there are people out there that are actually reading it?

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