Feeder News

With the holidays approaching it’s a bit difficult keeping up the blog. Good news is that the store (IMHO) has never looked better. We’ve got lots of great backyard birding stuff as well as some really fun garden items so if you get a chance, please stop by.

At the feeder, it’s pretty much been the typicals - lots and lots of black-capped chickadees, white and red-breasted nuthatches, tufted titmouse, one very persistent hairy woodpecker at the feeder and a bunch of downy and hairy woodpeckers at the suet feeders. I haven’t seen the red-bellied again, but I’m always looking!

I think we also experienced our second mourning dove casualty at the feeder. It happens so quickly, but either a sharp-shinned or Cooper’s hawk tried to take out a mourning dove. I think it was successful but not 100% certain. In any event, I could feel that something was up out at the feeder. Whenever the ONLY activity you see at the feeder is a group of mourning doves and not one single songbird there’s something fishy going on.

Usually that means a hawk or another predator is around. Each time this has happened, there is a twinge of guilt, but hawks are going to hunt other birds whether they’re at our feeder, or out in the meadow. It’s an impressive sight regardless and allows for a close-up on a raptor you don’t often get.

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