A new visit from an old friend

Feeding wild birds is certainly not like owning a pet. We can’t be sure that from day-to-day that the birds we’re feeding are really the same birds every day. But nevertheless we tend to talk about MY chickadees, or MY nuthatches, and to some extent they probably are mostly the same birds… Soooooo….

I’m proud to say the MY MALE NORTHERN CARDINAL came back to the feeder yesterday night. He always seems to come right at dusk, so it was hard to see, but sure enough he was there. I haven’t seen him in the morning, but again, he might be getting there before I get up. It was exactly this time last year that he showed up and stayed around for about a month, before leaving and then returning in the spring…. at least I think he was the same one!  :)

Happy feeding and don’t forget to join Project FeederWatch if you can! Here is some more information if you’d like.

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