Now it’s official!

We’re both Vermonters as of today. Went to the DMV, which was remarkably efficient with absolutely no wait and got the license while you waited. Very nice.

It was a VERY snowy morning, though a bit warm. The birds were feeding like mad this morning. I keep trying different products and today it was our least expensive suet, which does have seed in it. Just monitoring to see if squirrels go after it. They did not touch the pure suet - as has been my experience for 4 years - but did go after our Woodpecker Treat - though the birds got their fair share as well. So far I did see one red squirrel check it out, but that’s it. We’ll see what condition it’s in tomorrow.

NO unusual sitings - but a customer did come and report a Common Redpoll at his feeder yesterday. Usually an irruptive series, but I’ll pay attention to our other regular feeders to see if they start popping up more. This would be the time of year to see them if they’re here.

Let me know if you see anything unusual at your feeders!

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  1. Chris & Brian said,

    January 5, 2006 @ 8:02 pm

    Love the blog Randy! I suspect you will have a large number of us city/suburb dwellers living vicariously through your blog. Keep up the resolution - makes great reading.

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