How much joy can one bird bring?

For birdwatchers, and those who keep life lists, the past 6 weeks have been very exciting. Where two birds in very different locations have brought a lot of joy to many, many birders.

First there was the sighting of a Western Reef Heron in Maine. Only the second time seen in North America. And while there was some very interesting and complete taxonomic debate on the bird, for most who went to see the bird, it was a thrill. Postings on birdwatching sites were updated almost by the hour so those travelling could keep up with where the bird was.

The second bird is still thrilling Vermont birdwatchers, where a Norther Wheatear has been putting on quite a show. It seems to keeping its range to a causeway in Colchester Vermont and posing for some extraordinary photos. Here’s a couple I think are the best.

People often ask why I am so interested in wild birds? Most often it’s the thrill of seeing something wild for the first time that gets kind of addicting. Ask anyone who has ever seen the rose-breasted grosbeak for the first time in person.

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