Bird Walk #2

With the help of local birding expert Ruth Stewart we had a great morning last Tuesday on the Vermont Breeding Bird Atlas walk that we did here locally. The morning was a bit slow, but we did get a great look at a black-throated green warbler. A first real look for John, and my second.

Later in the morning, walking through a meadow right next to a pond, it was very difficult to keep up with the birds that surrounded us, but Ruth was calling them out by call, then view.

Among the ones we saw– yellow warbler, eastern meadowlark, cedar waxwing (a first seeing out in the field for both of us), tree swallows, belted kingfishers, canada goose, and for me… the coolest looking bird, the bobolink. Very accurately described by Ruth as a big bumble bee when seen from a distance.

Later in the day, John and I were walking along a marsh/bog and saw another first for us — an eastern kingbird. The motherload came for John a bit earlier in the day when we dropped my Jeep off for a quick repair. He finally got to see what he began to refer to as the mythological Baltimore Oriole. Well, there were at least 4 males flying around, calling, and oddly enough not even a half-mile from our house, where we have yet to have one visit our feeders.  That’s birding!

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