Our own small birdwalk

We took a drive up the mountains this past Tuesday, just to see how well we could do on our own looking for birds. We did pretty well, though there were several that we saw but just could not identify. Practice makes perfect, so we’ll keep trying.

John had been suspicious about seeing any warblers, but we got two good views warblers that he can now count as life birds. First one was a blackburnian. A beautiful bird that I actually saw earlier in the spring, right off of our deck. The second was walking down a nice wooded trail where we spotted a black-throated blue. Many other birds were sighted, including John’s first view of a male wood duck, but all in all a very successful day.

We also heard many more than we saw, and frankly one of the hardest things to do is get the binoculars located to the spot where one second previous, you saw activity in the trees. Again, I’m sure with practice we’ll get better. In an event, it was a really nice morning activity.

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