“The butterflies of the songbird world”

This is a quote from one of the birding magazines I get here at the store. And just one of the reasons I haven’t been able to write a post. I’ve been spending time looking for these “butterflies” otherwise known as wood warblers, and have been fascinated by what I’ve been seeing. High up in the forest canopy, warblers spend their summers here eating insects and raising their young. While many continue on north up to the boreal forest in Canada, we do have quite a selection of warblers that stay here. I’ll write about some of what I’ve been seeing in upcoming posts.

The other reason is that once again, we’ve been getting some new merchandise for the store, and I’m working to get it properly displayed here in the store, and shortly, online as well. Some beautiful gifts, new feeders and lots of great new water gardening features for birding!

Keep your eyes on the site, and let me know if you’ve seen any wood warblers. They’re a challenge to find, but a great reward once you do!

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