The excitement of spring migration

As we approach International Migratory Bird Day next Saturday, I have to admit that I got pretty caught up in the concept just this week.

It was very exciting to be part of an email list that has as its sole purporse the various reports of bird sightings throughout the state each and every day. In just one week, the following birds all seemed to return to the state at roughly the same time, and confirmed very quickly by other bird watchers as the week progressed:

Rose-breasted grosbeaks at feeders

Ruby-throated hummingbirds, at feeders or at the places they expected feeders to be!  First reported in Norwich, VT on Tuesday, but quickly confirmed just about everywhere else by Friday

Baltimore Orioles

And per my posting yesterday, the now daily sightings of the wood warblers that are either passing through, or on their way even further north (The Boreal Forest - the point of focus on this year’s IMBD).

Enjoy the spring migration, try and get out there before the leaves get too big and get some fresh air! And visit the IMBD website to appreciate the incredible journey our migrating wild birds make every year.

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