Beautiful morning for a bird walk!

Well it was bit more chilly than we expected, but we still had a terrific time on a bird walk given by Ruth Stewart, an avid local birder and great teacher on how to get the most out of a bird walk.

Since it is migrating season, we were hoping to see/hear wood warblers… and while we didn’t see many, we did get a few very nice birds - and for me, they were life birds as I’ve never really been out looking for them before.

In the warbler we family we saw

Black-throated Green Warbler - the first sighting of the day


Blackburnian Warbler (sighted in binos by some… not all)

Pine warbler (seen by some)

Ovenbird (heard - repeatedly)

Here is a list other birds that were sighted or heard during our walk


Tufted titmouse

Wood Thrush

Yellow-bellied sapsucker

Blue Jays

Common Grackle


Brown-headed cowbird

American robin

Ruby-crowned kinglet


And for a few minutes, a lovely winter wren gave its song.

This was a terrific event and one that we hope to let you in on whenever we hear about them. There’s really nothing like a good pair of binoculars, a guide book and some time to really enjoy the wildlife that is all around us, if we’d only just look for it.

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