Spring crowds at the feeders and bird bath

The feeders continue to be active and with a completely different cast of characters than in winter. We have never had so many purple finches as we do this year. There are at least 5 pairs of males and females that have really settled around the neighborhood. And between the male purple finches and the male American goldfinches, it often looks like an easter egg basket on our platform feeder.

Our new platform feeder has been a real treat. All the birds seem to love grabbing a bite off of it, and many of them spend a good 10-15 minutes on the feeder, especially the purple finches.

I have just started putting some live mealworms on the platform feeder and the American robins are just LOVING it. They jump up right on the feeder, eat about 7 or 8 worms and then fly off. It took about 20 minutes after I put them out to see a robin start eating them.

A very nice addition to our feeding station.

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