The rythmic forest - ahh it’s Spring

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve had a few customers come in with some Woodpecker “issues”. And since it’s Spring, it’s a little wonder.

In most cases wild birds use songs to attract mates and stake out their territory. And while woodpeckers do have calls that they use, this time of year they start “drumming.” On our road, it’s actually been a bit comical over the past few days, as they’ve discovered that some of their favorite sounding “posts” aren’t trees at all.

I’ve heard them on the side of houses, both with siding and logs (our specifically), on metal flashing and a variety of other hosts. It actually gets pretty loud sometimes.

So if you’re out walking in the woods, listen to the drums of Spring - and see if you can find the Woodpecker it belongs to!  Here in Vermont it could be a Downy, Hairy or Pileated, with Pileated being the loudest of them all.

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