It’s busy at The Bird Place

Which explains why I haven’t kept this updated as well as I should have. And it’s not only busy at the store. Our feeders have been going crazy and we’ve had some unusual visitors (for us).

In the past week we’ve had any number of purple finches, our now regular male and female cardinals, tons of juncos, nuthatches, titmice, chickadees, blue jays, American robins, etc. But in the past week alone 3 very cool visitors.

1. Fox Sparrow - doing it’s birdy aerobics ($10 please John). It is the best leaf rustle we’ve ever seen and for a native sparrow, a very pretty bird. Haven’t seen him the past couple of days, so he may have headed north, but for about 5 days, he was there along with one other on one day.

2. Evening Grosbeaks - out of nowhere last Sunday, two pairs stopped by the feeder. We have never had one, and now I know they have the largest beak in their family, as the books state. Just beautiful.

3. White-throated Sparrow - the name kinda says it all, but for 2 days now, he’s been shuffling under the feeders.

And once again, I think the addition of a bird bath is really making the difference. Even saw the robins jump in this morning.

More updates on what’s going on at the store tomorrow, but if you’re local, stop by and see!

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