More and more purple

In the last post I noted that we had one pair of purple finches visit our feeder that day. Well we’re up to at least 2, if not three pairs and they’ve come back each morning now for the past 3 days. One of our loyal customers also called and let me know that they’ve had them as well. So watch your feeder, they might visit you as too!

The rest continue to come as well and the combination of colors and sizes is truly a joy to watch. I can’t stress enough how important it is to take about 15 minutes and really watch your feeders. You just never know what might come by, especially this time of year.

I also found it interesting that the bat house we’ve had up for almost 5 years now, finally has attracted the interest of a winged creature… too bad it’s not a bat. A downy woodpecker has been working on it for several days. No real damage, but he does spend a good deal of time pecking away at it… Go figure.

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