More new visitors today!

Warm weather brings out a lot of activity, especially close to nesting time. This morning, there were birds everywhere… and the feeders and birdbath were all busy.

So it wasn’t really a surprise to see some new visitors today. The first was a frustrating one because it was clearly a female finch like bird of … I couldn’t tell. I thought at first is was a female  rose-breasted grosbeak, which we have had before, but she was smaller. So the best I could hope for was that her mate was closeby. A mere 15 minutes later, and there he was, a purple finch! As Petersen’s says - a sparrow dipped in raspberry juice. Just beautiful with the goldfinches, bluejays, and robins around the feeders too.

Also, had one more male brown-headed cowbird show up and a female. Busy days at the feeders!

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