A great evening out

I just wanted to quickly report on the Eastern Bluebird talk that The Bird Place sponsored last Friday night. We had 22 people attend and Pete Corradino, director of the Manchester VINS-Equinox Nature Center gave a great one hour talk on the successful repopulation of the Eastern Bluebird, due in large part to the participation of human activity.

By simply putting up nest boxes, not only for bluebirds, but for all cavitity nesters, we help in making sure that there are populations of wild birds for everyone to see.

This program is exactly the type of the event The Bird Place hopes to continue to support throughout the year. Now that we have a bit of experience, we’ll get even better with time. Watch for details on  upcoming programs!

Also, a big “Thank You” to Simple Coffeeworks. Mike and Wendy provided FREE coffee for our attendees, and it was enjoyed by EVERYBODY!

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