The houses are up!

In the category of ”practice what you preach”, we accomplished that this morning. Before coming in to open the store, John and I worked out in the yard and got 4 birdhouses up for nesting season.

Remember folks, this is the time of year that wild birds begin to pair up and start some house hunting. And with the lack of natural cavities for birds to choose from, our help in providing safe housing is one way to help them out.

So today, we are now the proud landlords of two bluebird boxes in our open area in the back and two wren/chickadee houses that can be monitored right from our back deck. I’ll get some pictures up on the site sometime later this week.

Hopefully we’ll get to watch them choose the box, start nesting and then watch the chicks fledge. We’ve got a great selection of houses to choose from and poles to mount them. Give us a call or check out some boxes on our backyard habitat pages here.  

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