A day of red

When I get the chance to spend time on Tuesdays enjoying the morning, I always get a treat by being able to spend some very quiet time out with the feeders. All the neighbors have gone to work or school and it’s pretty much just me and the birds.

Well yesterday was no exception. As has been the case for the past several morning, the titmice calls were going loud and clear, a male cardinal singing away with no less than 4 different types of calls right in our oak tree, one pileated woodpecker that flew right over my head and for the first time at my feeders, but certainly not in the area, I had one female common redpoll near my feeder yesterday afternoon.

One more bit of news… tonight The Bird Place will be present at the Bird Song and Coffee event at the Riley Center at Burr & Burton Academy. Here is a link to the VINS-Equinox site with more information.

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