A triple treat morning

Well you can certainly tell that Spring is in the air. And this morning, as I was going out to put up some more suet, did I get a treat for those of us who love watching birds.

First, the titmouse calls are really the most beautiful early morning calls, and there were at least 3 going on today.

Second, I’ve written about the pileated woodpecker that we have on our road. Well today, not one, not two, but THREE pileateds in the woods right across from our house. Seemed to be one female and two males, and I think they were a being a bit frisky.

Lastly, I was just about ready to leave, when I hear a call that I recognize but can’t place. In our store we sell the Audubon singing plush birds, and everyone loves them. I know this is why I recognize the call, when right up above me, I see the flash of red. A beautiful male cardinal singing away on top of our oak tree.

What a way to start the day.

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