Seed is flying out the door

Pun not really intended, because I just noticed it as I began to enter in today’s notes. But really, I have sold more seed in the past couple of days than I have in a while.

It’s not really a surprise since the weather turned back to cold (2  1/2 days without power - thank you very much) the birds really need the food.

Which brings me to the main point of today’s entry. A customer called to say she has found several dead common redpolls over the past couple of days. I recommended that she call VINS and let them know.

Turns out that they have had several reports of this and gave her the following information so I can pass it along.

Since it’s been so warm this winter, the old/half-eaten seed that has been laying at the base of your feeders has more than likely spoiled and common redpolls, being mainly a ground feeder are dying of salmonella.

Her advice - be sure to clean up around the base of your feeders. Any old seed or shells should be cleaned up and this should help these birds out. Good advice with or without this problem. And don’t forget to clean your feeders.


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