A long, dark, cold night

Well as expected, the storm we got yesterday, which had very little in the way of precipitation, had a bunch in store for us with wind. Our town got hit very hard, and the power is still out.

However this blog is about birds and it was interesting to see, even with high winds this morning and one feeder knocked pretty much over by a fallen tree, but hanging on the pole nonetheless, the birds were out feeding this morning wherever they could. Tonight is going to be our coldest, so my guess is that the feeders will be pretty busy for the next few days.  

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  1. Gambah said,

    February 18, 2006 @ 12:49 pm

    WOW! I just saw a hawk chassing a pigeon in Forest Hills.

    Also I Just spoke with my X who has a house in Chattam and sent him the link of your store. He might stop by, I was trying to start to feed birds. He is a nice man - his name is Cary Giacalone.
    By the way do yo uhave anything for NYC Pigeons?
    I want to start to feed the rats with wings.


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