Trying something new

One of the great joys of birdfeeding is that there is practically - and I do mean practically - no limit to the number of ways and types of food you can feed wild birds. And the reward is that by trying new things, you often get new birds or more of the birds you want visiting your backyard.

A nice success story from a lady who has been feeding for many years but was looking for something new to try. I asked her if she had ever tried feeding raw shelled peanuts.

In reading some books I discovered that this is a relatively new type of feeding here in the U.S. but something that has been done in Europe for a long time.

What I do know is that the folks who have been doing it around here for some time are very loyal to shelled peanuts. It’s a terrific no waste seed, especiall compared to the mess made by black oil sunflower in the shell seed and it attracts lots of woodpeckers and nuthatches to the feeder.

Well this lady recently came back in to buy more shelled peanuts. And she just was just delighted at how many birds were coming to the feeder. Seems ALL of the birds are beginning to prefer the shelled peanuts - chickadees, titmouse in addition to the woodpeckers and nuthatches.

Lesson here - If you’ve been enjoying a hobby for many years, always take the time to find new ways to enjoy it. It might even make the hobby more enjoyable than it was before.

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