Maple Street Bird Feeding Success

When we purchased The Bird Place we had planned to make sure that we just didn’t run a retail store. We really wanted to get the store out in the community and get everyone interested in the fun of backyard birding and bird watching.

One of our first projects has finally seen some success. Working with Joy Stewart’s kindergarten class at the Maple Street School here in Manchester Center, the kids built their own soda bottle feeders and had one extra they hung outside their classroom.

It took about a month and half - the going time frame without using the Dinnersong CDs, but now they have some chickadees visiting. Here are some pictures.

The good news is that it even took the students making an announcement that no one Soda Bottle Feedershould play under the tree since that seemed to be keeping birds away. Joy tells me that the kids just love the birds and are thrilled they are there.  

They also hung out a suet feeder and even more birds are visiting.

I’ve always maintained that getting kids interested in wild birds is a great way to get them interested in wildlife. Here’s hoping that they’ve taken the first step and will become even more interested in helping out wildlife.


Chickadees on Suet Feeder


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