American Goldfinch Mania

As I have mentioned a few posts ago, sometimes it takes patience to get wild birds to come to new feeders. Well today I just want to update news on a couple of feeders.

First my nyjer (thistle) feeder. I reported that I have been getting more and more, and yesterday while waiting to unload a ton of wood pellets for our stove, I was able to observe about 12 -14 more goldfinches visiting the feeder. It was interesting to watch the males determine who would feed next, sometimes fighting in mid-air by grabbing each others beak.

Also, I just received this photo Wisconsin Feeder Photofrom my sister on the new feeder we sent them for Christmas. It also took them a while to get birds to their feeder, but it finally happened and they couldn’t be happier - other than with the mess the birds create when they feed - a hazard with wild bird feeding unless you truly use a no waste blend or seed like sunflower hearts.

When putting a new feeder out - it just takes a little patience - eventually they will come to feed.

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