Ooops - I forgot yesterday

Well it was bound to happen. I finally forgot to post. I was hoping to not have that happen until later in the year, but now that it’s over, I guess the rest of the year will go by without a hitch.

OK, now for some bird watching-feeding stuff. It is VERY warm here today, and feeder activity was a bit light this morning. So either they were taking it easier, or checking out other feeders. I am also trying out another one of the suets we sell - Cherry Treat. It doesn’t have real cherries, just cherry flavored nuggets.  So far it looks like the birds like it. Had a male Downy Woodpecker eating away when I left to come to the store.

Next project to get going on - quickly - is our plans to celebrate National Bird Feeding Month, which begins in about 10 days - Yikes! - I need to prepare some pamphlets and posters for the store so we can get the word out.

The whole idea of the month is to get people who are already feeding birds to get one neighbor or family friend into the hobby. We’ll be offering specials for anyone who brings someone in to get started and for the person who is just beginning too!

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