Back from Atlanta

Good morning. Was welcomed home by some buzzing chickadees yesterday as the feeder was a bit empty. Those of you who feed know this sound well. I am not sure who has whom trained better. Lots of activity at the feeder today. Even with heavy rain and temps near 50. Weird weather. If there is any question that the Earth is a bit warmer than it was when I was a kid, this winter is beginning to settle it.

First thanks to all who posted comments over the past several days. I really appreciate it. And while all are friends and family, please pass the site to anyone you know who is interested in wild birds.

The shows were both great. BirdWatch America was very helpful in letting me see how the product in our store stands up to what is available. I am happy to report that we do well. More importantly, I can’t wait to share some of the new stuff that we will have coming into the store.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be focusing on information I received from the folks at the Wild Bird Feeding Industry. They are working hard to establish standards for feeders and feed. The Bird Place has always sold feeders that meet these standards. The more interesting topic is that of the seed we buy to put in those feeders.

I am going to get into that discussion a bit more over the next couple of days. If any of you have any experience with different types of seed or the quality of seed you buy, please post them here.

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