Weekend Update

Had a small problem with the blog, but now that it got fixed - I can do some quick updating on the weekend.

Had some customers stop by the store yesterday from Windham, VT - up the mountains a bit who reported they just got a large flock of evening grosbeaks. They wanted to beef up their feeding station so they could keep them around. I look forward to seeing if it works. Second report of a large flock in the past few days. Wish some would come to my feeders.  

Over the coming week, I’ll be writing some posts on Project FeederWatch discoveries from last season’s feeding. They had some interesting information, and it would be interesting to see if they match the experience of all of us who are feeding around SW Vermont.

Also, I plan to start taking more pictures of the store and displaying them here. Friends and family are interested in seeing more of the store and I need to do a better job of it showing it at the store.

Have a great week, let me know if anything interesting is happening at your feeders and post your comments and images.

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