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Cardinal Songs

Spring must be coming. And to appreciate the season I encourage all of you to wake up early and step outside, especially if you have feeders up or live nearby someone who does.

This morning there was at least 3 northern cardinal males singing in the trees, or better said, trying to outsing each other. I also heard several tufted titmice as well, but the cardinals were going at it pretty consistently for a good hour. One of the males was in our oak tree and nicely lit by the morning sun. From the ground he looked like a big red berry on the tree!


Feeder behavior

Day-to-day, when I’m watching birds at our feeders, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the behavior that some birds display. Since we received over a foot and half of snow this weekend, it has been interesting to watch the female northern cardinal search for seeds in the new snow cover.

The male seems to have no problem flying over to the tray on our large tube feeder but she is always more reluctant to do so, and with the snow cover, buries her head completely trying to get seeds. I have seen her up on the tray a couple of times, but more often than not she sticks to the ground as is typical of cardinal behavior.

Noticing the details of bird behavior is part of the fun. Take some time and watch how birds behave at your feeders.


An Old Friend Returns

And we don’t mean winter, though it applies for that as well. Just as we started our day today we had a beautiful encounter with a Barred Owl right on our maple tree in the front yard. They’ve been calling a lot at night lately, as breeding season is getting under way, but we haven’t seen one in about 2 years. It was a beautiful sight on a snowy morning.

Also, many, many birds at the feeders, including more dark-eyed juncos and American goldfinches than we have ever had before at the feeders. Also have an American Tree Sparrow showing up with the juncos just about every day.

More snow, means more birds at the feeders, so we’re not complaining.