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Where did October go?

I’m pretty sure I know - it went making sure that the store would be ready for the holidays. And with a few orders left to go, we’re getting there. Please make an attempt to stop by if you can, we’ve got some really fun stuff, including the new National Geographic Handheld Birds  which is the COMLETE NGS Birds of North America on a handheld device. I’ve been playing with the store copy and it is really, really cool.

Now for birds - as shown on the home page of our site, the dark-eyed juncos and white-throated sparrows have returned, cleaning up under the feeders with the mourning doves. While it’s great to see them, it means that cold weather and snow are sure to follow close by. And snow if only good if you can ski on it, so if it’s going to come, we need a lot of it quickly!