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More new visitors today!

Warm weather brings out a lot of activity, especially close to nesting time. This morning, there were birds everywhere… and the feeders and birdbath were all busy.

So it wasn’t really a surprise to see some new visitors today. The first was a frustrating one because it was clearly a female finch like bird of … I couldn’t tell. I thought at first is was a female  rose-breasted grosbeak, which we have had before, but she was smaller. So the best I could hope for was that her mate was closeby. A mere 15 minutes later, and there he was, a purple finch! As Petersen’s says - a sparrow dipped in raspberry juice. Just beautiful with the goldfinches, bluejays, and robins around the feeders too.

Also, had one more male brown-headed cowbird show up and a female. Busy days at the feeders!


I know, I know, I know…

It has been a while since I last wrote an entry. We’ve been busy at the store, with lots of new Spring items arriving and checking in, I hope folks will be excited by what they see in the store this season. Found some exceptionally nice things at the Boston Gift Show last weekend.

We finally started to really practice what we preach by putting up a birdbath a couple of weeks ago. Folks, I gotta tell you, if you don’t have a birdbath you REALLY need to get one. The activity at the feeding stations has really picked up. I’m sure it’s a combination of Spring arrivals and the nesting season getting ready to go, but just this morning, here is a list of the birds that were at either the feeder or the birdbath:

Chickadees (of course), Tufted Titmouse, white and red-breasted nuthatches, blue jays, cardinals, American robins, brown-headed cowbird (a NEW one) American crow, and American goldfinches. That’s 10 species and I only watched for about 15 minutes, once again making me later here than normal.

Over the next few days I’m also going to be updating the site a bit… keep visiting and I promise to keep writing.


A great evening out

I just wanted to quickly report on the Eastern Bluebird talk that The Bird Place sponsored last Friday night. We had 22 people attend and Pete Corradino, director of the Manchester VINS-Equinox Nature Center gave a great one hour talk on the successful repopulation of the Eastern Bluebird, due in large part to the participation of human activity.

By simply putting up nest boxes, not only for bluebirds, but for all cavitity nesters, we help in making sure that there are populations of wild birds for everyone to see.

This program is exactly the type of the event The Bird Place hopes to continue to support throughout the year. Now that we have a bit of experience, we’ll get even better with time. Watch for details on  upcoming programs!

Also, a big “Thank You” to Simple Coffeeworks. Mike and Wendy provided FREE coffee for our attendees, and it was enjoyed by EVERYBODY!


As the season changes, so must the wardrobe

And for many wild birds that means a new coat of feathers. It’s been fun watching the male American Goldfinches for the past couple of weeks.

From a distance, you could see that they were beginning to show a bit more gold, but now the change has really started.

With binoculars, it’s even more fascinating to watch. Right now, most of the males look like they got into a punching match, as their black mask begins to make an appearance. There’s patches of the old brown feathers and the new black feathers coming in, giving them a pretty rough look right now.

But in a few weeks, there’s nothing more striking than seeing the males in their gold and black finest.

Tomorrow I’ll give a report on the Bluebird talk we’re sponsoring tonight. Should be fun!


The dark-eyed juncos are back!

A couple of weeks ago I had written a post in reference to a customer question on whether or not I had seen or heard whether or not dark-eyed juncos were back.

Well, yesterday morning I finally saw one under the feeder. And there clearly had to have been more, since most of the white millet the chickadees and other won’t eat, was pretty well cleaned up. And this morning, I saw at least 4.

Another customer who visited the store yesterday came in and reported juncos as well. A sure sign that Spring is right around the corner.

Also had a new sighting for myself today. We had a female cardinal at the feeder. I’ve written about the several males we’ve had around, but today was the first time I’ve seen a female.

A great bird watching morning.


A multiple cardinal morning!

Meant to get this up earlier today, but forogt. But a quick post. Today we had at least 2 but I think 3 male cardinals in the yard. All 3 were singing all morning… in the rain, but loud and clear.

A great way to start the week!


The houses are up!

In the category of ”practice what you preach”, we accomplished that this morning. Before coming in to open the store, John and I worked out in the yard and got 4 birdhouses up for nesting season.

Remember folks, this is the time of year that wild birds begin to pair up and start some house hunting. And with the lack of natural cavities for birds to choose from, our help in providing safe housing is one way to help them out.

So today, we are now the proud landlords of two bluebird boxes in our open area in the back and two wren/chickadee houses that can be monitored right from our back deck. I’ll get some pictures up on the site sometime later this week.

Hopefully we’ll get to watch them choose the box, start nesting and then watch the chicks fledge. We’ve got a great selection of houses to choose from and poles to mount them. Give us a call or check out some boxes on our backyard habitat pages here.  


A real taste of Spring!

Today we are experiencing our first real taste of Spring - the smell of it is even in the air today, opposed to those very warm days we had in January where it just smells unnatural. Hopefully some of you get what I’m saying.

Lots and lots of American Robins on yards and fields this morning. I’m sure looking for whatever food is available. We still are going to have cold snap for the second half of this month, and who knows if that will generate one of our late season snow dumps, but for today, I’m going to enjoy the warm weather, and get some bird houses home and up so we can see some babies!


A day of red

When I get the chance to spend time on Tuesdays enjoying the morning, I always get a treat by being able to spend some very quiet time out with the feeders. All the neighbors have gone to work or school and it’s pretty much just me and the birds.

Well yesterday was no exception. As has been the case for the past several morning, the titmice calls were going loud and clear, a male cardinal singing away with no less than 4 different types of calls right in our oak tree, one pileated woodpecker that flew right over my head and for the first time at my feeders, but certainly not in the area, I had one female common redpoll near my feeder yesterday afternoon.

One more bit of news… tonight The Bird Place will be present at the Bird Song and Coffee event at the Riley Center at Burr & Burton Academy. Here is a link to the VINS-Equinox site with more information.


A triple treat morning

Well you can certainly tell that Spring is in the air. And this morning, as I was going out to put up some more suet, did I get a treat for those of us who love watching birds.

First, the titmouse calls are really the most beautiful early morning calls, and there were at least 3 going on today.

Second, I’ve written about the pileated woodpecker that we have on our road. Well today, not one, not two, but THREE pileateds in the woods right across from our house. Seemed to be one female and two males, and I think they were a being a bit frisky.

Lastly, I was just about ready to leave, when I hear a call that I recognize but can’t place. In our store we sell the Audubon singing plush birds, and everyone loves them. I know this is why I recognize the call, when right up above me, I see the flash of red. A beautiful male cardinal singing away on top of our oak tree.

What a way to start the day.


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