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Another rainy weekend

The weather forecasters promise that winter is coming back this weekend, but boy is it ugly today. Rain and more rain and the snow is all gone. Not great news for the store since visitor traffic will be way down, but that is part of joy of living in New England in the winter. Hopefully February will make up the difference for what January didn’t bring in snow.

A couple of days ago, we put out some corn on the cob for the squirrels. John believes that since they try so hard they should at least get something with a little less effort and distract them away from our feeders. Although I have to say, they pretty much have given up on our front feeder.

Since the corn has been out, the Blue Jays have come back. They like it just as much as the squirrels do. And it keeps them out of the mixed seed feeder too. We do have peanut feeders here at the store and I think I’m going to try one of these. Woodpeckers, nut hatches really like this stuff. Also peanuts in the shell is suppose to be a Jay favorite, so we may have to give that one a try too.


American Goldfinch Mania

As I have mentioned a few posts ago, sometimes it takes patience to get wild birds to come to new feeders. Well today I just want to update news on a couple of feeders.

First my nyjer (thistle) feeder. I reported that I have been getting more and more, and yesterday while waiting to unload a ton of wood pellets for our stove, I was able to observe about 12 -14 more goldfinches visiting the feeder. It was interesting to watch the males determine who would feed next, sometimes fighting in mid-air by grabbing each others beak.

Also, I just received this photo Wisconsin Feeder Photofrom my sister on the new feeder we sent them for Christmas. It also took them a while to get birds to their feeder, but it finally happened and they couldn’t be happier - other than with the mess the birds create when they feed - a hazard with wild bird feeding unless you truly use a no waste blend or seed like sunflower hearts.

When putting a new feeder out - it just takes a little patience - eventually they will come to feed.


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