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Happy New Year!

Well, five words can sum up our experience with The Bird Place since we acquired it 10 weeks ago - we made it through Christmas!

And it was a fantastic experience. As a specialty store featuring wild bird gifts and supplies, it was a great experience helping folks out as they looked for the perfect gift or needed us to come up with ideas on what that perfect gift might have been.

To all who shopped here - Thank you!  We look forward to having an even better selection of gifts next year, with a little more experience under our belts.

Next post will talk about what we’re working on for the first part of 2006! Happy New Year!



The First Post - What to say…

I’ve been thinking about how exactly to start this blog. There are plenty of blogs out there on birding. (Know any good ones?)

I think the best way to start ours is to explain why we bought the store in the first place… I (meaning Randy) love feeding and watching birds. John has come around more recently and is the first to run and get our field guide whenever we can’t identify something at our feeders.

But that alone isn’t reason enough - more importantly we love Vermont, and every weekend it was harder and harder to make the drive back to New York. We had been looking for a way to make the move, and suddenly, back in June, the answer dropped in our lap. An opportunity to buy The Bird Place, a store I had been shopping at for 4 1/2 years could now be ours, and then the ideas started flying (pun intended!).

But that didn’t explain the perplexity caused to many of our friends, which in retrospect shouldn’t have surprised us. Unless they were frequent visitors to our house in Vermont, my love of bird feeding and watching was really something we kept in Vermont. No reason really, it was just something we did up here.

And this is something worth writing about… and what I hope sparks a lively discussion of the birds all of us are watching and feeding. I’m fairly certain that there are probably many of us who feed and watch birds as our own silent hobby, only willing to share our passion with those we know who will get it.

Since we announced we were buying the store and friends started telling their friends, the reaction has been amazing. Each of them coming back to us startled at the number of people they knew that were actually feeding wild birds themselves or had relatives that did.

So, my goal with this blog is to get us talking and sharing about this pastime we all love so much, especially here in southwestern Vermont, the Berkshires and the Capital Region, though wild bird stories from anywhere are encouraged. We all have our squirrel stories, our jay stories, or the one bird that makes a surprise visit and takes your breath away when you see it story.

You can be sure that there will be people here who get it. Have pictures… even better. Put them up or send them to  we’ll get them up on the site somewhere soon.

And watch for announcements on upcoming events and projects. Bird feeding and watching isn’t something exclusively for the backyard - though that’s a great place to start. Wild birds are everywhere and that’s what makes it a hobby that so many enjoy, and we hope to find new and interesting ways to enjoy it.

Remember, if you get to Manchester, be sure to stop in and say Hi!

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